School of Social Justice+

There is injustice in the world around us, and as followers of Christ, we are equipped to do something. During the School of Social Justice, you will learn about the Biblical worldview of injustice as well as God’s heart for justice. Receive teaching from those who combat injustice around the world. Join us as we bring the Kingdom to earth by loving the orphan, widow and destitute among the nations.

We will be conducting the 2017 School of Social Justice in two locations: the first 4 weeks will be in Arvada, followed by 8 weeks in Bacalar, Mexico. The final week of the school and graduation will be back in Arvada, Colorado.

For this school you will need to have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School.

September 11, 2017

December 08, 2017

Summer 2018

Kyle Aldred


Travel costs are included in lecture phase cost


HMT 263/264

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