Secondary Schools

At YWAM Denver, we have six different secondary schools, each offering a specific focus. Whichever school you choose, we want to help you grow in the Lord.

Once you have completed your Discipleship Training School (DTS), you are eligible to attend any of our Secondary Schools. These courses are designed to take you deeper into specific topics like inductive Bible study, worship, social justice, leadership, community development and much more. Build on foundations laid during your DTS as you receive teaching from world-class speakers and continue discipleship training.

Lecture Phase

The lecture phase lasts for 11 weeks. You’ll learn from teachers from all over the world. Every week there will be a different topic on the agenda. Besides the lectures, you will be plugged into a small group where you will be able to go deeper in your relationships with each other and with God.

Outreach or Internship

Outreach is not part of Secondary Schools, but students can apply to go to certain outreachs with other DTS students. Some secondary schools offer an internship so that you can apply everything you learned during you lecture phase. The School of Ministry Development is a prerequisite to joining YWAM Denver staff.

Ready to grow in the Lord?

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