Bec Morris

My first real experience with what living as a missionary could be like was when came to Denver, Colorado in 2015. I completed 2 months of school training and then 3 months of practical application and training around the world. Our team went to 6 countries and was able to share the gospel to so many different people groups, social groups and of all ages. It was truly a life changing experience that I was unable to walk away from. It had given my life meaning and purpose, knowing I was doing something bigger than myself and fulfilling God’s call to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt. 28:18).

Having been a teacher for a number of years before YWAM I was passionate about seeing young people discover their identity and how encouragement and Godly truths can really turn people’s lives around. One on one discipleship seemed like a natural pathway into using my gifts and passions to impact the kingdom of God. Here in YWAM, students come in hurt, broken, confused or just wanting more of God and they are able to leave with Biblical truths, a passion for the lost, a close relationship with God and able to disciple others and take part in or start their own ministries back home.

What Do I Do?

My part in this is discipleship and outreach leading. While we have many schools, the DTS (Discipleship Training School) is where I feel called to serve. Out of a group of 10-20 students, I am able to have a small group of girls that I am personally responsible to walk alongside in their journey to ‘Know God and make him known’. Once the lecture phase is over I then take a team to a nation God has called us to and lead the students in how to do daily life with God on the mission field. I present opportunities for students to preach, pray with people, share the gospel, do dramas and share testimonies, intercede and help local churches as well as serving alongside them. Not only does this allow the students to grow in their faith and equip them for missions but we’re able to bless the long term missionaries as well as bless the people of that nation by bringing light and truth and the love of Jesus Christ.


As YWAM is a non profit organization, all of my ministry here is as a volunteer! I rely on friends and families support to remain a full time missionary. My goal is to be able to fully support myself but also live a life of generosity as God leads.

If you are interested in supporting me in this journey, please send all donations to either my bank account or Paypal.

Bank Details:
Bsb: 124-034
Account Number: 21591227
Account Name: Rebecca Morris


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