Kaelyn Byers

Passionate About

Kaelyn's passion is to see believers transformed by the word of God so powerfully that keeping it to themselves is NOT an option. With YWAM Denver, Kaelyn has the opportunity to use her passion to work and teach youth from all over the world through the School of Biblical Studies, a 9-month school focused on helping students learn to study and teach the Bible.

Daily Life

While with YWAM Denver, Kaelyn's ministry also includes serving through the accounting department, as well as being a barista in The Bridge Cafe, a cafe that serves the base and the community surrounding it.


Youth With A Mission calls their ministry members to intentionally live a life of dependency on God for financial provision. This financial partnership comes from people who believe in us and the mission work that we are doing both in Denver and in other nations. As ministry members, we give our time and talents towards serving God and others with no promise of financial security.

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Update Letters

Kaelyn sends out email updates every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. These updates include information about her school, students, teachings, ministry, and future plans.

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