Bible Core Course


January 10, 2022 – March 25, 2022

The Bible Core Course runs once a year.


$3, 795

Timeless Truths

In the Bible Core Course we study the Bible from front to back, reading in the context of who the books of the Bible are written to we are able to find things that were true back then that are still true or that can be applied in our lives today.

Teaching & Public Speaking

During this school we give our students the opportunity to prepare teachings and present them to the rest of the class. This helps our students break out of their comfort zones and helps them grow in the area of public speaking. Not only that but it also gives our students a better understanding as to how to properly prepare a Biblical  teaching.


As we go though the Bible and dive deeper into what the text really means, the Lord will be speaking to you though His word and showing you more of who He is and His character.

Quality Time With God In His Word


Our ministry team is standing by the phones to talk and pray with you!

Youth with a mission

Youth with a mission

Youth with a mission

Jenna Hall-

“This school was an impactful and challenging time for me. I got to learn and experience who God is in a real and new way. I was shown His love through His word like I never have before. I learned to have discipline and manage my time well, as there was a lot of reading and homework. I now have a new perspective on the old testament and what God was doing then and His reasons why. I am so grateful for this three month Bible school and all that it showed me.”¬†