Biblical School Justice

What Is Covered In the Biblical School of Justice


Summer: June 27, 2022 – September 9, 2022



Modern Day Slavery

Students look at the root issues of Modern Day Slavery; Human trafficking, bondservants, and more. Supply and demand, traffickers, victims, pop-culture, fast fashion, prostitution, pimps, johns, buying sex.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean water is something many of us take for granted but why is clean water important? How can we help the developing world gain access to clean water.

Health Care

Students look at global human rights violations, the spread of preventable diseases and epidemics, medical work in hard to reach regions, and the long lasting effects of  FGM.

Refugee Crisis

Who is a refugee? What causes a crisis? And how should the modern, western Church respond?


One of the most complicated subjects covered in the Biblical School of Justice.  Students examine why is there suffering in the world, the sovereignty of God, the plans and purposes of God.


The Biblical School of Justice tackles the hard subject of abortion based on the Bible. What does God really say about the pre-born? Does a fetus have unalienable human rights? Creation, family design and plans for humanity.



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Youth with a mission

“I found so much of myself in the school, it was a space for me to dream, and it was a place where I met with the Heart of God every day. In the classrooms, in the lecturers, in the friendships. I left this school feeling more equipped and inspired because YWAM Denver created an environment for Christ to move in our hearts as we learned how to invite him into the most hopeless of places.” – Kirsten, 2018