School of Biblical Studies

Upcoming Dates

The School of Biblical Studies is a 9-month training program that runs September – June

The next SBS will start September of 2022 – To be determined.

Please check back for upcoming 2022 dates for the SBS.


$2,500 per quarter


Class format

Live / Online cohort model:
The SBS will be run at our main campus. You will study the word with a class of 10-15 students. Together you will enjoy live and online lectures on all the books of the bible, study tools, and historical context. Assignments will be graded by our Online SBS leadership staff. Those leaders, together with our on site staff, will be available for guiding discussions, helping with study, research, and book charting.

How To Study Inductively

Using the inductive study approach, you will engage with the text by observing what it says, interpreting the intended meaning, and applying it to your life

Historical Context

You will learn how to study through the eyes of the original reader by understanding the cultural and historic background of each author and original reader of a book.

Teach the Bible

Walking through the entire Bible in this fashion will provide an opportunity to uncover amazing hidden gems that will prove beneficial not only to your personal walk but will have a profound effect on your ministry to others.

Different Genres Within the Bible

1st Term: Basics of Inductive Bible Study, Gospels, Acts, Pauline Epistles
2nd Term: Rest of the New Testament, Genesis through 1 & 2 Kings and Intro to Prophets
3rd Term: Rest of the Old Testament

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Youth with a mission

“SBS wasn’t just a Bible school, it was a pivotal point in my life and walk with God. For the first time in my life I was seeing God’s Word for what it truly was- full of life, adventure, truth, and love. I now know the context of EVERY book in the Bible and it has changed the way I live, the way I see people, and the way that I see my God.” – Ashleigh Erdman