Transformation Bible School Seminar

The Bible teaches us that having a relationship with God means we can hear His voice. The primary way we learn to hear God’s voice is through reading His Word, the Bible! In our Transformation Bible School, you will learn to hear God’s voice by not just reading about Him, but actually listening to Him as you read. You will learn practical and creative ways to study God’s life-giving words and be with Holy Spirit as He transforms you from the inside out.

Our desire is that students would develop a passion for the Living Word, know its power, and experience the freedom it brings. Students will have opportunities throughout the school to put what they see in the Word into practice, and discover first hand its’ power to transform lives. Come join us as we spend time with Jesus, the Living Word, and experience the transformation He brings in our lives!

August 02, 2021

September 10, 2021



CHR 127

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